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Escrito en el agua (Written in the water)

Dudes of this world... I don´t promise anything... Only updates. Daily. Presto!! And remember, just one click on the banner (it´s an ONG!) and you will donate a free meal to poor kidz...

Monday, October 31, 2005

Porcupine Tree - Deadwing

Zero 7 - When It Falls

The Eagles - Hotel California

Herbie Hancock Demonstrates The Fender Rhodes

Sridhar - To Be You And Me (EP)

The Hidden Diaries of Sonny Carson

Portishead - Nobody Loves Me! (bootleg)

Portishead - Desolation row (bootleg)

Nice index

Eclectic artists

sweet tunes: Paula Cole, Bill Whiters, Trace Adkins... little index made in promiseland...

Eclectic artists

Shakira - La tortura (video)

Fall - Country On the Click

Drum and bass tracks (giant!!)

Eclectic index

Little index

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Velvet Revolver - KROQ Acoustic.Set - 30-04-2004

Coldplay - X & Y

The cloud - Came on and dance with me EP

Royal Porn Celebrities - Too Damn Serious - EP

One Way Straight - Live at Feelgood Halden Norway 22-05-04

Cool indie bands

System of a down - Leeds 2003

Metallica - Big Day Out 2004

Velvet Revolver - Live At Chicago - 19-05-2004

Metallica - Live Before Death

System of a down - Souls 2004

Slayer - Paris Bercy 2004

Robert Plant - Live in France (bootleg) - [2005.06.09]

Velvet Revolver - Donington 2005 (bootleg with covers)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ratatat - S/T

Sigur Ros tracks

Brujeria (full discography + covers)

Brujeria - Brujerizmo

5 discs of Gabrielle Roth

Devendra Banhart - Cripple Crow

Warchild - help (a day in the life)

Russian reggae

Cocorosie -Noah's Ark

Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie

Santana - Supernatural

Ringo Starr - Vertical Man

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tupac - Loyal To The Game

Young Jeezy - Lets Get It Thug Motivation 101

ACDC Collection - 17 Albums!!

I need your clicks!!

Less than 6 seconds and you will donate a free meal to children with...

�no future?

Just one click.
Just one action.

Maybe one of these children -in the future- is a brillian scientist... who knows?
And create a cure for cancer, for...

I bet!!

Poison - Hollyweird

Hip hop & rap index

Best of Enigma

Music from the 60 & 80

Beatles greatest hits, Chris de Burgh, Dire Straits & more!!

KMFDM - Hau Ruck

Giant index

Full House OST

Dredg - Ode to the Sun

Dance index

Eclectic artists

Q.Jones & S.Nestico Orchestra - Basie & Beyond

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Canciones de Nubeluz (latin & children singers)

M-Flo - Astromatic

Band of brothers - Episode 7 - The breaking point (video) ///// off-topic

Eclectic artists

Nirvana - Nevermind

Chumbawamba - Tubthumper

Accordeon - Musette Swing Paris 1925-1942

Motown - The Classic Years

Great repository of musical videos!!

Steev Hise - Original

Finch - Say Hello To Sunshine

Full House -OST

X files soundtrack?

Dana & Scully...
Fox & Mulder...
are investigating this case...

Whatever is the final result... my suspect is the Marlboro man...

Giant indie index

Juggy D - The Album

VA - Essential Asian R&B

Hocico - Los Hijos Del Infierno

Helium Vola - Liod

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Yoko Kano - Macross Plus Original OST

V�ctimas del Dr. Cerebro - Boutique 2000

Wall of voodo - Happy planet

U2 - Even better than the real thing (Perfecto mix)

Avalanches - Since I left you

William S. Burroughs - Dead city radio

Eclectic artists

Yoko Kano - Song to fly

Locust - Morning light

MC900 featuring Jesus tracks

Buffy - The Musical

Tracy and the plastics - Muscler's Guide to Videonics

Pavement covers

Public Enemy tracks

Weir Al Yankovich - UHF_ Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (and Other Stuff)

Stephano Landi - Homo fugit

Russian punk!!

A couple of unknown russian artists

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

La Cr�ation de Haydn & Requiem de Mozart

Frau Doktor - Dauercamper

Tthe Skatalites - roots party (live)

Cold Cut & Kid Koala - Solid Steel 05.08.00

Mixmaster Mike - Breezeblock

Mudvayne - Lost And found

DJ Live sets with tracklist

Gangxta Clicc - Kriminelle Akustik

General Patton vs The X-ecutioners

Soopa Villains - Furious

Project Dead Man - Self Inflicted


NWA - Niggaz 4 Life

Insane clown posse - The Calm

Shitty - For Hilvide

Kid Abelha - Ac�stico MTV Brasil

Coldplay - X & Y

Rolling Stones - A bigger bang

2 videos of Alicia Keys: Georgia on my mind & If I ain�t got you live in MTV Europe

Latino groovie mix (Un verano en el barrio)- Terryfing!!

Cat Power live

Monday, October 24, 2005

Ice T - Iceberg

Giant index

PinkFloyd - High Hopes (Video)

Eclectic artists

Madonna - What it feels for a girl (video banned)

James Blunt - Back To Bedlam

Spiritual tracks -off topic-

The Verve - Live at Wigan UK -1998

Espiritismo tracks -off-topic

Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill acoustic

Ice T - OG

Jamiroquai - Dynamite

Jamiroquai - Canned heat (video)

Funk do morro (brasilian rap, hip hop, funk)


Danger Mouse - The grey album

Brazilian funkie tracks

Public Enemy - Times up the 20 greatest hits

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Beastie Boys - Root Down EP

Almost discography of Pink Floyd

Amost discography of Pink Floyd

Portishead - Portishead

Twin Spica OST

Gunslinger Girl Original Soundtrack

Green Legend Ran OST

Ah My Goddess Movie OST

Galaxy Angel 4th OST


Narutaru OST

To Heart - Remember my Memories OST

Planetes OST

Kono Minikukumo Utsukushii Sekai OST

Gilgamesh OST

Full Metal Panic Fumoffu OST

Final Approach OST

Elfen Lied OST

Avex Trax - The Best Anime Themes Gold Edition

Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Live at KVRX - 2003-03-14

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Take It From The Man!

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Zero - Songs From The Album Bravery, Repetition And Noise

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Give It Back

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Methodrone

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bringing It All Back Home Again

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bravery Repetition & Noise

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Peel Sessions 1998

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Your Side Of Our Story

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Their Satanic Majesties Second Request

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Thank God For Mental Illness

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Lollapalooza - Chicago 2005-07-23

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Zero

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - The Diane Perry Tape

Friday, October 21, 2005

Fantomas - Live in Moscow

Billy Idol - Devil's playground

Bauhaus - The sky's gone out

Bob Marley - Kaya

Tricky - Blowback

Morphine - Cure for pain

Rolling Stones - A bigger bang

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Madrid de los austrias - M�s amor

New Order - Here to stay (video)

David Guetta - The World is Mine-Promo Remix

Michael Middleton - Into the woods

LCD Soundsystem (2 discs)

Superpitcher - Today

Kid Loco - The graffiti artist ost

The Arcade fire - Christmas album (2002)

Danny Elfman -Charlie and the chocolate factory OST

Daft Punk-Limited Edition Box Set-3CD

Meatloaf tracks

Manowar tracks

Megadeth tracks

Eclectic artists

Eclectic index

Giant oriental artists!!

Concord High Bands - Burning For Buddy Vol. 2

Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Vol. 1- From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Little index

Telepopmusic - Genetic world

Rated X - OST (Journey Through Porn Documentary by Dag Yngvesson)

Art of noise - (Who's afraid of) the art of noise

Fugees bootlegs

Alpinestars - White Noise

The Peter Saville show OST

Uganda - The Third Episode

A cool mix

Staind - Staind

SIA - Live on KCRW (bootleg)

Scientific songs

Lucero - Nobody's Darlings


Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Architecture In Helsinki (bootleg 6-8-2005)

Depeche Mode - Playing The Angel

2 videos of Soul Train Line -Coolll!!!


Bill Clinton - My life (6 discs!!!!) (audiobook)

too boring for me!! but someone can see the other side of this lies-seller...

Donovan - Greatest hits

WhiteStripes - 2005-06-24 (bootleg)

The Kleptones - "A Night at the Hip-Hopera"

check inside the tracklist!!

Kleptones - "From Detroit To J.A."

XFM, London, UK

23rd January 2005

"...It's kinda hard to describe"

01 Fox Intro
02 Let's Get The Dirt
03 What Is...?
04 Keep Love Right
05 Topknot Tears
06 Caught Out Nightclubbing
07 Jayout
08 I Want An Affair
09 Running From Da Squeeze
10 Waking Groove
11 Bowified Rebelution
12 Mandota Drop
13 Words Of Wisdom
14 Juxtaposed With Riddim
15 Interview 1
16 Close To My Girl
17 Interview 2
18 Dancin' Papa
19 Really Rappin' Something
20 Revolverlution

Emmylou Harris - Stumble Into Grace

Coldplay - X & Y

Jimmy Eat World - Futures (uncomplete)

Monday, October 17, 2005

Wilco - EP

The Who - Tommy

Massive Attack & Tricky - Karmacoma (video)

Harry Potter - Chamber of secrets (audiobook)

Moby - Play

Little index

Third world tracks

Bob Marley tracks

Rumors - Fleetwood Mac (full CD)

Album covers -off-topic-

Up to now, in front, is a Mantovani cover... one of my prefered LP this past times!!
Gift from Gretel...

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone (audiobook)

Buffy The musical

Carmen opera (classical stuff)

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Choir index

Blackalicious - Blazing arrow

Brooklyn_Bounce - The_Early_Years

Brooklyn Bounce - Best Of Dance

Classical index

Krabatof Philharmonic Orchestra - Insect's Brain

John Vanderslice bootlegs

John Vanderslice albums

An album of Stone Sour

1900, Backward and Forward - University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

Ring of Destiny - University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Slightly Stoopid - Closer to the sun

Blackalicious - Nya

Judge yourself

Saturday, October 15, 2005

J.R.R. Tolkien reading The Two Towers

jazzanova radio show - 03-aug-2003

Mr And Mrs Smith OST

Silent Hill - Complete (OST game)

Coldplay String Quartet Tribute

Giant indie index

Polytical speeches (mainly american)

Some Hit Tunes Of World War 1

Winds of Worship- Come Now Is the Time Disc 2

High Places - Ron Kenoly

Christian Ambience Music series 4 - Worship SOng on Ballad music

AION Worship - The Solid Rock

Romana Krajn�an - Muren�ki

Silent Hill II (OST complete)

Total Konfus - Unverhoffter Realit�tsverlust (Ost Punk, Punkrock, Deutschpunk)

iWorship, Vol. 2 Disc 1

Open The Eyes of My Heart - Paul Baloche

Winds of Worship- Come Now Is the Time Disc 1

When Silence Falls - Tim Hughes

Friday, October 14, 2005

Argentine indian artists

Thanks to hardebollen for his support!!

Excuse me, but dutch is not my mother�s tongue... anyway... thanks to linkin' to this infamous weblog.

eldtlc v2

eldtlc v2
...libreta de notas, cuaderno de apuntes varios, �lbum de recortes, notas al margen, archivo muerto, colecci�n de babosadas, cat�logo incatalogable, saco roto, caj�n de sastre. "�Solo pepenando cosas viv�s!" dec�a mi abuela... un addendum al libro de todas las cosas

Very egocentric... but check on 8-23-05... someone in this world is in silence...

Bradley Nowell - MTV Biorhythm [video Complete]

Yellow giant index (chinese, japanese artists!!)

Frank Black-Honeycomb

Lights Set North-The Pin Sea EP.

Jake - Present School Uncut

Sigur Ros - Takk

Aphex Twin stuff (Analord mainly!)

Study of Khabala -off topic-

Hebraic music

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Thanks to Killing Floor Blues for his support!!

Eclectic index

Almand Bros 73-09-26 Winterland Arena, San Francisco, CA

Ben Harper - Montreal jazz fest '97

Allman Brothers Band: Live at the Winterland Arena, San Francisco 09/26/1973

Allman Brothers Band: Live at the Winterland Arena, San Francisco 09/26/1973
Source: Sourcetape -> Tape - > My Tape
Ripped through SoundBlaster AWE 64 Soundcard with Sound Forge 32
Coded with Blade Encoder at 256/44

1. Wasted Words
2. Done Somebody Wrong
3. One Way Out
4. Stormy Monday
5. Ramblin' Man
6. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
7. Southbound
8. Jessica
9. You Don't Love Me
10. Amazing Grace
11. Les Brers in a minor
12. Trouble No More (with a jump from turning cassette during recording)
13. Whipping Post

I am not so very familiar with Allman.
I just remember their Fillmore albums from when I was young.
There might be some mistakes in the separating of the songs,
please mail me at handsome@stones.com if you can help me with info on this.

Thanks, and enjoy.

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
Live at the Fox Theater in Boulder, Colorado
02-02-96 ---a SBD recording

Disc 1

01. The will to live
02. Don't take that attitude to your grave
03. People lead
04. God fearing man
05. Gold to me
06. Fight for your mind
07. Please me like you want to
08. Burn one down
09. Two hands
10. Voodoo Chile

Disc 2

01. Ground on down
02. Another lonely day
03. Like a king
04. I'll rise
05. Remember
06. Superstition

Bob Marley - 80-09-23 The Last Show!!

9/23/80 Stanley Theater - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Natural Mystic-

Positive Vibration -

Burnin' & Lootin' -

Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) -

The Heathen -

Running Away>

Crazy Baldhead -


No More Trouble -

Zimbabwe -

Zion Train -

No Woman No Cry -

Jammin' -

Exodus -

Redemption Song -

Coming In From The Cold -

Could You Be Loved -

Is This Love

Bob Marley's last live show

Bob Marley - acoustic sessions

Beatles outtakes

Country index

Classical index

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Alkaline Trio - Crimson

Coldplay - X & Y

Dave Matthews Band - Stand Up

Foo Fighters - In Your Honor

John Mayer - Heavier Things

MXPX - Panic

The Faint - Wet from Birth

The Killers - Hot Fuss

Moby - Hotel

Gomez - Out West

The Bravery - The Bravery

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Kasabian - Kasabian

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Reggaeton index

Salsa index

Cumbia index

Merengue stuff

Vicente Fernandez Y Sus Corridos Consentidos

Adriatic - Sunday Soundscapes 018 ETN.FM 14-08-2005

1. Progression - Sands of Time
2. Sound Fiction - I had a Dream (2005)
3. Solar Sun - Spiritual (Tribal Mix)
4. Feel - Morning Flowers
5. JPL - A Place Called Home (Original Mix)
6. Feel - Strange Sleep
7. Inzite - Spellbound
8. Digital Deliquents - Forever (J.O.C Remix)
9. Alex Morph - New Harvest (New Club Mix)
10. One More Angel - Breathe (Bobina Remix)

Feel in Session on Sunday Soundscapes 018 14-08-2005

01. Second Sun ft Tiffany - He Said She Said (Feel Vocal Remix)
02. Carrie Skipper - Time Goes By (Super 8 Deep Mix)
03. Ilya Malyuev prs. My Love project - Tragedy
04. Zenon feat. Erire - September Rain (Vocal Mix)
05. Feel - Morning Flowers
06. Leon Bolier - Back In The Days
07. Martin Roths Hands On Keane - Last Time (Intro Mix)
08. Feel - Maddness (Original Mix)
09. Paul van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The Other Side (Original Mix)

Adriatic's Dream Night Session 12-09-2005

1. York Feat Angelina - Iceflowers (Mind One Vs Infra Remix)
2. Aviation - Outshine (Mind One Shine Out Remix)
3. Savon - One Million Strings - (Andy Jay Powell Remix)
4. Dj Tatana - Always On My Mind (Ronski Speed Dub)
5. Pedro del Mar pres Santoz - Theme From Mellomania (Santoz Remix)
6. Jose Amnesia - The Eternal (Nu NRG Remix)
7. Vadim Zhukov - Moscow Morning (Original Mix)
8. MMDC Malte & Marc de Clarq Pres. - No More Rain (Shane 54 Refill Mix)
9. Darren Tate - Venus (Original Mix)
10. Tukan - Light a Rainbow (Cj Stone Remix)
11. Lightscape - Inner Warmth (Original Mix)
12. Hydra - Affinity (Original Mix)
13. Kay Stone & Mind One - Alone (Kasuma Remix)

Dance index

Ferry Corsten - Live at Heineken Hall

Ferry Corsten - Live at Gatecrusher

Latinoamerican folk music

Caliban - The Opposite from Within

Monday, October 10, 2005

LCD Soundsystem [Disc 1]

LCD Soundsystem [Disc 2]

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth

Enya - Fallen embers (video)

Covers of Bee Gee�s songs

Eclectic index

Eclectic artists

Guano Apes tracks

Jake Lee tribute

Tribute to Zelda

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ata Demirer - Makara

The WIRED CD: Rip. Mash. Sample. Share

1. Beastie Boys / Now Get Busy *
Beastie Boys appear courtesy of Beastie Boys and Capitol Records.

2. David Byrne / My Fair Lady
David Byrne appears courtesy of Nonesuch Records.

3. Zap Mama / Wadidyusay?
Zap Mama appears courtesy of Luaka Bop Records.

4. My Morning Jacket / One Big Holiday *
My Morning Jacket appears courtesy of RCA/ATO Records.

5. Spoon / Revenge!
Spoon appears courtesy of Merge Records.

6. Gilberto Gil / Oslodum
Gilberto Gil appears courtesy of Warner Music.

7. Dan the Automator / Relaxation Spa Treatment
Dan the Automator appears courtesy of Bulk Recordings.

8. Thievery Corporation / DC 3000
Thievery Corporation appears courtesy of ESL Music.

9. Le Tigre / Fake French
Le Tigre appears courtesy of Le Tigre Records.

10. Paul Westerberg / Looking Up in Heaven
Paul Westerberg appears courtesy of Vagrant Records.

11. Chuck D with Fine Arts Militia / No Meaning No *
Chuck D appears courtesy of Creamwerks. Fine Arts Militia appears
courtesy of ZenStone Entertainment.

12. The Rapture / Sister Saviour (Blackstrobe Remix)
The Rapture appears courtesy of DFA Records/Strummer Recordings/Universal Music.

13. Cornelius / Wataridori 2
Cornelius appears courtesy of 3D Corporation Ltd.

14. Danger Mouse & Jemini / What U Sittin' On? (starring Cee Lo and Tha Alkaholiks)
Danger Mouse & Jemini appear courtesy of Lex Records. Cee Lo appears courtesy of
Arista Records. Tha Alkaholics appear courtesy of Waxploitation Records.

15. DJ Dolores / Oslodum 2004 (includes (cc) sample of "Oslodum" by Gilberto Gil)
DJ Dolores appears courtesy of Azouge Discos.

16. Matmos / Action at a Distance
Matmos appears courtesy of Vague Terrain.

2 sonoric themes... a siecle inside!! (dig inside!)

Elizabeth Drake - Japanese story

Dance index

Beatbox stuff

Pete Donaldson tracks

A couple of turkish albums

Eclectic artists

Radiohead - Fake Plastic video

Eclectic index

Eclectic artists

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Giant brazilian artist index

VA - Chilled Ibiza - CD1 & CD2

DJ Live-sets

Little index

DJ Live-sets with tracklists

Eclesiastical index

Unknow artist...

Eclectic artists

Trio Mensageiros do Rei-Ac�stico

Eclectic index

Thanks to Gizmo for his support!!

from Netherland... someone that likes to...

Friday, October 07, 2005

George Michael - Faith

Eclectic artists

Kruder & Dorfsmeister tracks (recomended!!)

The Clash - History

Eclectic index

Pineapple thief - 137

Pineapple Thief - Variations

Giant russian & classical index

An LP of Blackfield

Pineapple thief - 8 days

Eclectic index

Porcupine Tree - Futile ep

Porcupine Tree - In absentia EP

Eclectic artists

A Finnish bootleg?

Muslim music

Dedicated 2 my Grandmother... almost 1 century of "living" wisdom!!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Giant index!

Rammstein tracks

Linkin Park tracks

Eminem tracks

Shakira - Laundry service

Eclectic index

Wax DJ sets

Dave Chapelle - For what its worth

Eclectic index

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Jazzy Joe... a couple of tracks

Eclectic artists

The Lion King [Original Broadway Cast]

Italian artists

Guitar index

Dance index

Aneta Langerova - Spousta Andelu

Coldplay - X & Y

Parliament Lounge Festival mixes

Dj Goop mixes

check this out...

my favourite is "In the waiting line", totally composed by Zero 7 tracks...

Eclectic index

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bjork - Drawing Restraint # 9 (OST)

check this out... about this dream... here


Giant brazilian artist index (answering some question)

Paulo X said...
Sure, Brazilian music for those who actually *like* evangelical songs...

Yeah!! That�s are evangelical songs in portuguese form... don�t be deaf!! That�s music too!! I can�t understand anything in portuguese tongue... but, what can I say? I feel in my brain, my body, my soul...

My friend... I share (actually) and in the future... I will!!

Remember the next time to say thanks... just only that... or click on the banner... U WILL donate a free meal to poor kids in Argentina.

Just one click. Less than 5 seconds.

Thanks in advance!!

Public Image Limited- The Greatest Hits So Far

Kerouac - Kicks Joy Darkness

Dedicated 2 Karen and her infamous pregnancy...

Allez Karen... you will rule this world!!

Eclectic artists

Eclectic artists

Latin index

Summer mix

1. toco - instala��o do samba
2. sardi - what a night
3. dj marky & xrs - rotation
4. dj marky & xrs (feat. stamina mc) - lk
5. hold tight - your eyes
6. greg packer - what about you
7. dj marky & xrs (feat. vikter duplaix) - moments od lust
8. bcee & lomax - midnight caller
9. j laze (feat. ladee berry) - summertime
10. junior cartel - elements of dub (makoto & specialist rmx)
11. london elektricity - will to love
12. quantic - perception (nu:tone rmx)
13. dj marky & xrs - highlights
14. laroque - throw your hands up

Eclectic artists

Full House - OST

Barry Sisters - Their Greatest Yiddish Hits

Monday, October 03, 2005

Etta James track

Pink Floyd - The Wall - Disk 2 (Entire Album)

Pink Floyd - The Wall - Disk 01 (Entire Album)

Aimee Mann tracks

Dixie Chicks tracks

Eclectic artists

Eclectic artists

Beatallica - Beatallica

Eclectic artists

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Talib Kweli - The Beautiful Struggle

Nice videos, mp3's & album... just there

VA - Spirit of the streets

Various albums of...

Rancid - Life Won't Wait

Eclectic index

SuperSkunk- -Funcrusher plus

Jamie Lidell - Muddlin' Gear

Goran Bregovic - Ederlezi

Eclectic index

Eclectic artists

DJ Live-sets


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hanna -Barbera Cartoon Sound Effects

Malcolm X speeches

Kings Of Convenience - Riot On An Empty Street

Lords of da Underground - Resurrection

Ecclesiastical index

Russian artists?

Classical index

Eclectic index

Garden State - OST

plus here: http://iopener.d2g.com/music/?C=M&O=A

Eclectic index

Eclectic artists