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Escrito en el agua (Written in the water)

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Panic! at the disco - A fever you can't sweat out

Nightmare of you - Nightmare of you

Kenna - New sacred cow

Metric - Old world underground, where are you now?

Fort minor - The rising tied

30 seconds to mars - 30 seconds to mars

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Dane Cook - Retaliation

Deltron 3030

The legion of doom - Incorporated

Marianne Rosenberg - Himmlisch

The shins - Chutes too narrow

The shins - Inverted world

Eclectic artists

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Electrified Beats 3

01. Karl Bartos - Another Reality
02. Gorillaz - Dare
03. James Zabiela - Eyeamcomputer
04. Tomas Andersson - Washing Up (Tiga Remix)
05. Chicks On Speed - Fashion Rules (Alter Ego Remix)
06. Hugg & Pepp - Partymakers
07. Andre Kraml - Safari (James Holden Mix)
08. Nathan Fake - Dinamo (Dominik Eulberg Remix)
09. Yoshimoto - Du What U Du (Trentemoller Mix)
10. Oxia & Leandro Gamez - U Should Change (Oxia Remix)
11. Phasebase - Deep In Me (Open Air Remix)
12. Oliver Koletzki - Der Muckenschwarm
13. DJSolo - 1986
14. Tiefschwarz - Issst (Nathan Fake Remix)
15. Ozgur Can - Eternal

Electrified Beats 4

01. Beatles - Because (Shiloh Remix)
02. Holden & Thompson - Nothing (93 Returning Mix)
03. Pryda - Human Behaviour
04. 9 Lives - Electro Sex
05. Buick Project - At The Rave
06. Eyerer & Namito - Keep Our Pace (Deutche & Albaner Remix)
07. DJ Phully - Daft Fader (Original Mix)
08. DJ Phully - Daft Fader (Ffs & Hi 8 Remix)
09. Soulwax - E Talking (Lowbirds Hi Five Breaks Mix)
10. Hardy Hard - Come Out And Play
11. Nathan G - Trouble
12. Will Saul - Mbira (Infusion Remix)
13. Royksopp - What Else Is There? (Trentemoller Remix)
14. Claes Rosen - Eighties
15. Playgroup - Behind The Wheeil (DJ Kicks Electrocash Mix)

Electrified Beats 5

01 Nathan Fake - Grandfathered
02 The Knife - Silent Should (William Acidic Circuits Remix)
03 The Flying Doctors - We Make Contact (Oliver Lieb Remix)
04 Anthony Rother - Luzifer
05 Lee Coombs & Paranoid Jack - Time Is Now (House Mix)
06 Coburn - We Interrupt This Programme (Interrupted Vocal Mix)
07 Bedrock - Santiago (La Caruna Mix)
08 Playgroup feat. KC Flight - Front 2 Back (Todd Terry Remix Re-Edit)
09 Chris Lake - One Too Many
10 Nikola Gala feat. Zm - Lies
11 Freeform Five - No More Conversation (Mylo Remix)
12 Buick vs KLF - What Time Is The Rave (Jay Boy Zee's Remix)
13 Mosca - Meatmarket Lottery Boutique
14 Ozgur Can - Mind Your Step
15 P.Diddy - Jack U (Hell Mix)

Nice indie label

Eclectic index


Blues videos

Elemental - Mental mondays


Live Recording
Cafe Ashtray @ Acme Art Company
Columbus Ohio
(double billed with The Sex Musicians)

Duvante, Titonton
Noel, Charles
Sines, Todd
Szebczek, Mike

01 - Intro by Goblinhood.mp3
02 - Turn Me On.mp3
03 - Magic.mp3
04 - Solid State.mp3
05 - We Will Control.mp3
06 - Sylvania.mp3
07 - Hardcore.mp3
08 - 145.mp3
09 - Future.mp3
10 - Prey.mp3
11 - JB.mp3
12 - Shit.mp3
13 - Walking.mp3


Recorded and encoded by Mark Gunderson. Originally recorded directly into my Tascam
Porta-Two in dbx. I believe distortions during parts of the recording are on the original
tape. I've normalized some levels here, but otherwise have applied no compression or EQ.

The track names are almost certainly in the wrong order, but I believe I remember writing
down the names from their set list found after the show. For example, track 10 is probably
"Future" rather than track 9, and track 2 is probably "Magic" and not track 3. But since I
can't be certain which of the less obvious tracks are which, I'm leaving the title order

Body Release was Columbus Ohio's "original" techno band, resulting in all members eventually
going off to do their own things (as of 2001:) Sines and Titonton under their own names,
Charles Noel as Monochrome and the 21/22 Corporation, and Mike Szebczek as Bath. Cafe
Ashtray was a weekly night of experimental music and performance that I was curating at
the time, taking place each Friday night in the basement of the Acme Art Company in its
original location at 737 North High Street.


Friday, April 28, 2006

VA - Big City Beats Vol 2

Dr Dre tracks

Bad Boys II OST

Giant index

Partyhouse 25.2.06

Xavier Naidoo - Telegramm

Longest yard OST

Big City Beats Vol. 3

Black Music index

Feinkost Paranoia

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Creutzfeld & Jakob

Limp Bizkit - Chocolate Starfish

Olli Banjo - Erste Hilfe

Dirty Dancing OST

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Jesus Christ SuperStar [Nyack New York cast]

Jesus Christ SuperStar [Hungarian cast]

Jesus Christ SuperStar [1997 Last Lycem]

Jesus Christ SuperStar [Japanese cast]

Jesus Christ Superstar Dutch NL Cast

Jesus Christ SuperStar [Peruvian cast]

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Jesus Christ SuperStar [2004 - Jesucristo Superstar Siglo XXI]

Jesus Christ SuperStar [1992 London Revival Cast Recording]

Jesus Christ SuperStar [1971 Broadway cast]

Jesus Christ SuperStar [1975 Mexican cast]

The Original Motion Picture Sound Track Album - JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR

Jesuchrist SuperStar [1973 Original Movie Soundtrack]

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Chacra Meditation

VA- Cafe Del Mar 8

Inlakesh - The Dreaming Gate

Little index

Meditation index

Unknown artists

Eclectic artists

Eclectic artists

Electric Eel Shock - Slayer's Bay Blues

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Karma Police - Radiohead (video)

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Latino songs

Mainly from the populars "Telenovelas". Giant repositorium!!

Eclectic artists

The night before Christmas OST

Little index

Electric Eel Shock - Go Europe!

Monday, April 24, 2006

French songs

Thanks to take the music and run! for his support!!

Music from Pakistan

Weird artists!!

Paul Oakenfold remixes

Portishead - Glory box (Glastonbury Live 98 - video)

Metallica index

and more inside!

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Radiohead - OK Computer

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Eclectic index

Sunday, April 23, 2006

VA - Norberg 2005 Field Mixes


Nice mix

1. Thomas Benedix - So So Split - Pan Pot
2. Berg Nixon - Box Escape - Minus
3. 3 Channels - Base Place - Crosstown rebels
4. Berg Nixon - New York Minute - Minus
5. Butane - Kitty Heaven - Kompakt
6. The Architect - Ghetto Pimpin - Friends of tomorrow
7. Run Stop Restore Rmx - Flexor(Butane) - Alphahouse
8. Mike Shannon - Global Pleasurism - Pole Position
9. Cabanne - Double Lardon - mini bar music
10. Butane - How long can you go? - Kompakt
11. Tassilo Ippenberger/ Thomas Benedix - Mica Mire - Pan Pot
12. Mike Shannon - Valence - Pole Position
13. Berg Nixon - The Depths - Minus
14. Butane - Big Bus with Wings - Alphahouse
15. Patrick Chardronnet - Tricky - Connaisseur

Unknown artists

Allen Ginsberg - A Supermarket in California

George Bush speeches

Take in count the round: Noam Chomsky vs. G.W. Bush.


Eclectic artists

Katamari Damacy OST

Giant index

Kantabra (spanish group)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Super Smash Brothers OST

Lego Star Wars

Icewind Dale Soundtrack

DDRMAX2 - Dance Dance Revolution (PS2)

Diablo II - Lord of Destruction

Age of Empires II - The Age of Kings OST

Lord of the Rings - War of the Ring OST

James Bond 007 Nightfire (OST game)

Rebel Strike OST

Super Metroid

Unreal Tournament OST


TimeSplitters 2 (Xbox ADPCM direct extraction)

NASCAR Thunder 2004

Mega Man (Cartoon Soundtrack Single) (Germany)

WarCraft III - The Frozen Throne OST

Friday, April 21, 2006

Giant index

A little slow, but it worth it!!

Eclectic artists

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Revolutionary Vol. 2 (eclectic artists)

Guitar Wolf tracks

Dead Meadow tracks

Masta Ace tracks

Emperor penguin - Mysterious Pony

Eclectic index

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Quran (The Book for Muslims)

Little index

Sonic Robo-Blast OST

Azumanga character OST

Manga index

Love Hina Fanboy War OST

Eclectic index

Krishna Das - Live On Earth

Eclectic index

Eclectic index

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Rachmaninoff tracks

Bach - Brandenburg Concertos

Beethoven index

Beethoven - Symphony no. 7, op. 92, 2nd, 3rd and 4th movements

Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Op. 64

Mozart - Piano Concerto in C Minor, opus K491

Chopin tracks

Brahms Sonata for Piano and Violin

Bela Bartok tracks

Schubert tracks

Haydn String Quartets

Mozart index

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Eclectic artists

An album of Jesus & Mary Chain

Precious - Depeche Mode (almost all the mixes!!)

Eclectic artists

Poets of the fall - Signs Of Life

Leopoldo Fern�ndez - Los tres patines

Eclectic artists

Eclectic artists

Bizarre artists

Soulfly - 3

Soulfly - Soulfly

Monday, April 17, 2006

Eclectic artists

My Chemical Romance - Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge

My Chemical Romance - I brought you my bullets you brought me your love

DJ Live sets

Cool index

Interpol tracks

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Giant index

Eclectic artists

Little index

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Dj sets

Sonata Arctica tracks


Meet the Feebles OST

Heavenly Creatures OST

The Frighteners OST

The streets - Blinded by the lights (video)

Orta - Magical

Indie label mp3's (giant!)

Braindead OST